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what's going to happen."

I said we should climb the wall and run away. She said: "No. No-one has run away. We should gather in one place and wait to see what's going to happen."

Other girls said nothing would happen to us. "We're girls. They don't do anything to girls. We should wait and see what God would do."

Lami: We were at the school when suddenly three Boko Haram members entered.

They said: "If any of you attempt to leave we'll kill all of you." When we went out they were everywhere. They gathered us where we have our school assembly. As we were there they kept burning the school. They burnt everything.
Burning library

Hajara: They asked us to get out of the gate, saying that when we were out they would let us go back to our homes. They said whoever did not have a headscarf or shoes should go and get them. They then asked us to climb on to a lorry, on top of the food loaded in it. The lorry was so high that we couldn't easily climb on.

Maria: They said to us: "You're only coming to school for prostitution. Boko (Western education) is haram (forbidden) so what are you doing in school?"

We kept quiet. I think there could have been about 100 Boko Haram members - they were all over the school. They outnumbered us. They took us away in their vehicles. We were sitting on oil drums in the vehicle. Our vehicle was really overloaded. We were saying to one another that we should throw away our shoes and scarves so that if our parents came they would know the road we had taken.  

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The BBC looks at the scale of the challenge

Correspondents say many villagers are suspicious of official attempts to combat the disease.

More than 2,600 people have now died from the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

It is the world's worst outbreak of Ebola, with officials warning that more than 20,000 people could ultimately be infected.

Neighbouring Sierra Leone has begun a controversial three-day curfew to try to stop the spread of the disease.護髮中心

The BBC looks at the scale of the challenge the Ebola outbreak presents

The team disappeared after being pelted with stones by residents when they arrived in the village of Wome - in southern Guinea, where the Ebola outbreak was first recorded.產後脫髮

A journalist who managed to escape told reporters that she could hear villagers looking for them while she was hiding.

A government delegation, led by the health minister, had been dispatched to the region but they were unable to reach the village by road because a main bridge had been blocked.
'Killed in cold blood'

On Thursday night, government spokesman Albert Damantang Camara said the victims had been "killed in cold blood by the villagers".

The bodies showed signs of being attacked with machetes and clubs, officials say.

Six people have been arrested and the village is now reportedly deserted.

The motive for the killings has not been confirmed, but the BBC's Makeme Bamba in Guinea's capital, Conakry, says many villagers accuse the health workers of spreading the disease.


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president were all told the news.

So, Allan Little, who has great experience of reporting in the Balkans, will be our man in Sarajevo. Royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell tells the story of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, his wife, and their relationship with our own king and queen of the time. Diplomatic correspondent Bridget Kendall will look at how the assassination was viewed by the government in London Next Generation Firewall.

Security correspondent Frank Gardner will tell us about the security concerns surrounding the archduke's visit to Sarajevo. And we have reaction from correspondents based in the most important European cities at the time - St Petersburg, Berlin, Vienna and Paris - to find out how the tsar, the kaiser, an emperor and a president were all told the news.hong kong company setup

Their reports are based on meticulous research of what actually happened that day - and how the world came to know about it. The facts have been gathered and checked HKUE DSE, the timeline carefully constructed. Professor Margaret MacMillan, author of The War That Ended Peace, has acted as our historical consultant. Her Day by Day series on Radio 4 is another part of the BBC's commitment to explaining the build-up to war alongside a wealth of material to explore at the World War One site.


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Soccer star Evergrande

Soccer star

Guangzhou Evergrande is led by former Italian national team coach Marcello Lippi and has won China's Super League title every year since 2011.bb車

It also finished fourth in the 2013 Fifa Club World Cup.平價酒店

Prior to its deal with Alibaba, the club was fully-owned by the Evergrande Real Estate Group, one of Hong Kong's biggest property developers.

Evergrande chairman Xu Jiayin told a news conference the firm planned to issue new shares and seek another 20 investors for the club.

Shares of Evergrande Real Estate Group rose by more than 3% in Hong Kong trade on Thursday following the announcement travel agent deals in Hong Kong.


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taking joke around a lot

kgienk245gew Ramirez's mother, meanwhile, tried to get a handle on it all. Cortez opened a Twitter account for the first time to help her son with retweets. Quickly, though, she became more adept. She congratulated the couple, and thanked Caitlyn in 140 characters.周向榮

Then she started taking screenshots of Ramirez's Twitter page as the interview requests piled up, telling him who to call and when.Dr Max

"It's a little overwhelming," she said, wearing a red Project Graduation T-shirt while volunteering at a school fundraiser.

Yet she's excited. Tears well up in her eyes. Her baby, she points out, is graduating.

"In the very beginning to me it was just one of his pranks because that's just who Mike is. He likes to play around and joke around a lot, but I figured if he set his mind to it, it would work out," Cortez said.回收


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4gewe3g6edge Real Madrid

Real Madrid and Barcelona are among seven Spanish clubs to be investigated over alleged illegal state aid 4gewe3g6edge Dating.

The Spanish foreign ministry announced that the European Commission will also begin proceedings against Osasuna, Athletic Bilbao, Valencia and Elche.

Hercules, who play in the second tier, are also under investigation.

"The government will fight to defend Spanish clubs because they're also part of the Spanish brand," said foreign minister Jose Manuel Garcia Margallo.

The proceedings could take months to conclude and will be officially announced on Wednesday added Margallo, who denied the clubs had broken EU rules.

He said Barcelona, Real Madrid, Osasuna and Athletic Bilbao are accused of contravening European Union rules because they are still owned by their members and had benefited from favourable tax treatment.

The Commission was also probing Real over their training facilities and Bilbao over aid they received for the construction of their new stadium, which opened this season, he added.

Valencia, Elche and Hercules were being investigated because of help the three clubs received from the regional government in the form of loans and bank guarantees.  

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如果你的孩子在戲劇、電影這些行業,或者說是那些拿著大學文憑卻只能做泊車或服務員的行業美白面膜去眼袋方法香港網上交友dating in hong kong,你該怎麼辦?




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How to Wear Print Sweaters

Print sweaters

Sweaters with printed images or patterns, especially stripes and animal prints, are popular this year thanks to the trend of mixing casual and dress pieces. They have gradually become a must for women, with more updated designs such as animals, quirky patterns, quotes and other statement-making designs fashion women clothing


For example, leopard print sweaters have been in style for years and they will keep going for some time. But it’s not just any kind of leopard print —this season is all about unconventional prints, like brightly-colored ones for example samsung galaxy apps.

How to wear them

It’s best to wear sweaters with larger prints, such as oversized leopard spots, which creates a casual, comfortable and chic style. Also, remember to look for oversized sweaters that you can wear with skinny jeans, flat buckled boots, and a floppy felt hat storage shelf.  

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Time management

Look at your to-do list. To get to the bottom, would you need to work solidly for a day? A week? A month? A quarter? You're not alone. We all have more tasks and responsibilities than hours in the day it would take to complete them. The answer is to prioritize rigorously and manage your own energy iphone 4 back cover.

"The whole secret to time management comes down to saying, 'No, thank you. If I take on that project, I won't do the other ones well,' " Bradt says. If your supervisor or teammates demand that you shoulder more tasks, insist that they provide additional resources, give a later deadline, or help you decide which of your other responsibilities to off-load wall craft.

It doesn't benefit anyone to keep saying yes, whether that's to new projects, conference calls at inconvenient times, or other additional work. You'll end up burnt out with a mediocre track record.

Instead of letting other people's problems and urgent requests dictate the shape of your day, decide for yourself which tasks you need to complete personally and do well, and make those your first priority. List them on a sticky note on your wall if you need to be reminded of them when emails or calls distract you fashion men clothing wholesale.  

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Code-teaching app SoloLearn

Facebook has announced its “FbStart Apps of the Year”, which is an event which recognizes the most successful apps from the global FbStart program. This year’s Grand Prize winner is
SoloLearn (iOS/Android] which is a free mobile-first app for anyone who wants to learn how to code.

SoloLearn’s CTO and Co-founder Davit Kocharyan came up with the idea for the app in his native Armenia, where most of their team is based, to teach coding to the local population Home Organize.

The app’s idea is to educate members through game mechanics, peer-to-peer sharing, and user-generated content. SoloLearn community members compete in head-to-head challenges and unlock hidden lessons. It offers 12 free courses, including JavaScript, Swift, Python, C++, and HTML/CSS.

Yeva Hyusyan, CEO and Co-founder of SoloLearn told me the app had hit two major milestones. She said the first is that it’s turned into the “friendliest” community of peer learners. “You get an answer from your peers in our Q&A forum within minutes; we have over half a million public codes on SoloLearn today that are used as a great peer-to-peer learning tool; tens of thousands interactive peer-to-peer challenges are completed daily,” she said.

The second is that users are generating a lot of the content themselves drawer storage.

The app has also gotten more traction, with now 5+ million profiled learners; 1.5M quizzes completed daily; 3 codes are compiled every second; and over 1,000 answers are published every day. Some 25% of users are based in India, 25% in the US, and the rest are spread across Europe.

Developers participated in FbStart for the chance to win up to $100,000 in prizes to help scale their business. The event got 900 submissions from 87 countries.

In addition to SoloLearn, the other “Apps of the Year” were:

EMEA: Mondly [iOS/Android] – “A language learning platform that’s the first company to launch a VR experience for learning languages (featuring speech recognition and chatbot technology).”

Asia-Pacific: Maya [iOS/Android] – “A free app that makes it easy for women around the world to track their periods, monitor related symptoms, set health reminders, track pregnancy and connect with health experts. Has 7 million downloads in 190 countries.”

Latin America: ReservaTurno [iOS/Android] – “A mobile app to book beauty appointments on the go.”

Social Good: Golden [iOS/Android] – “A global platform that helps people find local volunteer opportunities based on the activities they prefer to do for fun rather than skills-based requirements cloud compiting.”  

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